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Englishman & The Shango Band - Sense of Purpose

Sample a track from "Got To Know Your Purpose".  It's track 7 entitled VISION 

ENGLISHMAN & SHANGO BAND - "Got to Know Your Purpose"

Englishman and The Shango Band are close to entering their second decade as a Roots Rockin' Reggae Band touring the World to spread PositiVibes.  They have a bunch of albums, none of which has ever made it to the mainstream but that is not because of lack quality performances.  It's time they got their due!  With "Got To Know Your Purpose" they deliver 16 tracks of solid material.  Their are a lot of CD's you put on once or twice and then it goes into future rotation - this one we have found to be in the "heavy" rotation category - there are several cuts that will stick in your head and have you dancing along to the righteous beat and lyrics - this is a fine offering and you will be glad you added it your music collection.  Get it!

Click HERE to go to the ENGLISHMAN web site. 


The Shango Band is a D.C. area reggae group that sings about real life and current world issues with a likeable mix of smooth, lovers-edged tunes and harder, more "true" roots tunes. With all-encompassing sound, strong instrumentation and quality songwriting, the Shango Band has been performing since the late 1980's and won the award for Best Reggae Band in the 2001 D.C. Annual Reggae Music Awards. The band's bass-player, lead singer, songwriter and producer, Englishman, spent a number of years in England as a youth. He has performed with many reggae bands there and around the U.S. for about 30 years. 

From Left to Right: Jackson (Professor) Briscoe, Englishman and Eric (Spiduki) McDermott.

Englishman received WAMMIE awards in 1989 for Best Male Vocalist, in 1990 for Best Instrumentalist, three in 1991 and two more in 1992. He has been a Master Artist in the D.C. Folks Arts Program for the Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Other members of the Shango Band also have performed with reggae bands throughout Europe and the U.S. They include Eric (Spiduki) McDermott (drummer/singer) and Jackson (Professor) Briscoe, a graduate of Howard University and MIT, where he studied mathematics and classical music. The Shango Band performs at many university night clubs and international events in Europe and the U.S. Their live performance keeps the audience feeling upbeat, irie and positive! Englishman and the Shango Band recorded their latest CD, Got to Know Your Purpose, in Iceland, while completing their European tour.

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