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Jah Man Gang CD Yakayo on Damp Music  JAH MAN GANG (YAKAYO)

YAKAYO by Jah Man Gang is a new release by Swiss-based Damp Music.  This release along with the Moonraisers CD show that the creative force of Reggae Music is alive and well in distant locals far from its birthplace on the sunny tropical island of Jamaica.  

Jah Man Gang delivers 16 tracks of Roots Rock Reggae with a dose of Ska Beat and Dance Hall for good measure.  The message is a positive conscious message throughout.  As you listen, it is hard to picture Jah Man Gang crafting their songs in the snow covered mountains of Switzerland but their music would be right at home in JA.  What a nice surprise after dropping this disc in the CD player to hear this vital collection on tunes.  

BIO:  The Reggae roots rhythms are omnipresent, the Ragga parts are unmistakable and the Ska grooves complete this perfect mixture.  The lyrics talk about the life of today, are socio critical, full of humour and feelings, but still tell about the hope for a better and above all fair future.

The history of JAH MAN GANG starts in 1993, in this time under the name of VogelrauCH, with lyrics in Swiss-German, sung by Dr Bird. It is with the arrival of the singer MC JamesC, in 2001, that the band became the current JAH MAN GANG. It is also into 2001 that the first demo CD is recorded. Thanks to this last, JAH MAN GANG performs on the largest scenes, in 2002 and 2003: Jazz Parade Fribourg, Bex Rock Festival, Festival du Gibloux, Nouveau Monde Fribourg, Ebullition Bulle, Fri-Son Fribourg and Lakesplash Twann.

In autumn 2002, starts the first sessions for the recording of the CD 6 tracks "Laisse-toi aller" in collaboration with Jaba, singer of the Moonraisers. This CD is on sale in all the stores (distribution by Musikvertrieb).  In 2004, JAH MAN GANG confirms that they clearly belong to the Swiss Reggae scene while taking part in particular at the Rock's Festival in Savigny, while playing the 1st part of K2R Riddim (F) at the Usine à Gaz in Nyon or by ensuring the 1st part of Lee Scratch Perry (Jam) at the Mad in Lausanne, without forgetting a representation at the Festival of Jazz in Montreux (Festival Under the Sky).  The 2007 release of YAKAYO takes them to a new level of excellence.

For more info and purchase, go to: www.JahManGang.com 

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