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Luciano - Jah Words

Listen to Luciano's verson of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" from Jah Words

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Luciano - "Jah Words"

Luciano is a shinning star of Reggae music and he brings a powerful Spiritual message to the world with melodies delivered by one of the great voices in contemporary music.  This charismatic baritone additionally distinguishes himself from virtually every other Rastafarian roots singer by avoiding songs of romantic love and rebellion in favor of serving only The Most High. It doesn't matter what your faith, Luciano's spiritual devotion is so musically fresh and vital that, like Marley, his message reaches everyone.  

Amidst the recent controversy surrounding Reggae's dancehall sub-genre comes a new album from Luciano, signaling a promising return to the origin and core message of reggae.  Luciano's message is one of love, compassion and understanding that is firmly grounded in a deep faith in Jah Creation.  One of the genre's most soulful and spiritual singers, Luciano's Jah Words (released to stores on April 26th via RAS/Sanctuary) is steeped in lyrical messages that are always positive, peppered with themes of hope, devotion and fortification - a far cry from some of his more extremist, negative counterparts.   Jah Words is near the top in a list of great albums from Luciano since 1995's Where There Is Life, his Island Records debut that really launched his career.  The new album comes during a period of great creativity with this his fifth release of new music in the last 12 months.  

Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door" is seen from a new perspective, "Feed The World" and "Cry For Justice" beg for change, and Luciano's mix of soul, gospel and reggae shine on "Angel" and "In God Or Man".  And a video for the dancehall driven single "Why Should I" has just been shot in Jamaica. His early years spent singing in a Jamaican church choir are felt throughout the album, both in the lyrical content of his songs as well as the deeply heartfelt delivery. Always pushing the creative boundaries of dancehall and reggae, Luciano has spent his critically-acclaimed career seamlessly weaving elements of doo-wop, gospel and r&b into his songs.

Luciano - Jah Words

Luciano - Jah Words

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