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From the opening track SOLIDARITY the new album by Moonraisers is rockin Reggae.  Lead by founding member Jaba, the 10 man band cranks out a high energy fusion of Rock, Funk and electro driven by a Reggae beat and sensibility.  They may be new to the International scene but this recording on Swiss label Damp Music, they have building their catalog through 15 years, 3 albums, a bunch of singles and 500 plus live shows.  

Out of the 13 tracks on the CD, at least 8 would have a shot at a Ras John Picks Mix.  The track that has gotten the most play on the web is their Reggae remake of The Eagles' Hotel California.  That track is not our favorite because their are several other tracks that are much richer in texture and message.  This disc will be a welcome addition to is any Reggae Music collection.   There new disc can be found at www.moonraisers.com or their 2005 CD at Amazon below. 


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